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When facing criminal charges, our Constitutional liberties and freedoms are at stake. Navigating the complexities of a serious legal defense requires an understanding that only comes from deep knowledge of the law. The Ghosheh Law Firm is dedicated to defend its clients who have been accused of criminal activity. Our team of experienced lawyers provides the highest quality legal representation with a passionate and caring approach.

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The Ghosheh Law Firm is a bilingual law firm in the Atlanta area. Attorney Perez is an aggressive and dedicated advocate. He doesn't just work on your case; he really fights for what you need and holds guilty people accountable. He prioritizes loyalty, honesty and commitment to help his clients, and he always gives his best to obtain the best results. His dedication leads him to look for ways to increase his knowledge and find new strategies that make him a different lawyer in Georgia.

Through his distinguished career in the legal world, Attorney Talal Pérez Perez has successfully achieved membership in the "Top under 40" in the state and membership in the National Trial Lawyers Association.

If you are accused of any criminal charge, you have the right to:


Call an attorney


Remain silent


Get a fair trial


Have freedom from unreasonable
searches and seizures

Struggling with a DUI charge
in Georgia?

DUI charges often having serious and long-lasting consequences. With the help of an experienced attorney like Attorney Ghosheh, you may not have to face the steep consequences that come with these kinds of charges.

Georgia law states that a person shall not drive or be in actual physical control of any moving vehicle while:

• Under the influence of alcohol to the extent that it is less safe for the person to drive;
• Under the influence of any drug to the extent that it is less safe for the person to drive;
• Under the intentional influence of any glue, aerosol, or other toxic vapor to the extent that it is less safe for the person to drive;
• Under the combined influence of any two or more of the substances specified in paragraphs (1) through (3) to the extent that it is less safe for the person to drive;
• The person’s blood alcohol concentration is 0.08 grams or more at any time within three hours after such driving or being in actual physical control from alcohol consumed before such driving or being in actual physical control ended; or
• There is any amount of marijuana or a controlled substance present in the person’s blood or urine, or both, including the metabolites and derivatives of each or both without regard to whether or not any alcohol is present in the person’s breath or blood.

Don't go it alone. Attorney Ghosheh and his team specialize in helping clients navigate the tricky laws surrounding such charges.

You Have 30 Days to Protect Your License After a DUI in Atlanta,
you need to act quickly!

A DUI arrest can be an incredibly tormenting experience. If you're in that situation and feeling overwhelmed, I'm here to help.
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Felonies are the most serious type of charge that you can face in Georgia.


Georgia is one of the toughest states when it comes to law enforcement, particularly concerning felony charges. Even minor felonies can result in up to 10-25 years’ imprisonment and more serious offenses are punishable by death.

Even after serving their prison sentence, those convicted of a felony still pay the price. A criminal record can follow you for life - limiting employment opportunities and affecting your ability to live comfortably. Ghosheh Law Firm's experienced felony lawyer is here in Atlanta, GA ready to defend against any charges so that they don't become an insurmountable burden on your future prospects.

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When facing felony charges, let The Ghosheh Law Firm be your ally.

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